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Covenants presents

Safer DeFi

Covenants are general-purpose, multi-AMM financial factories that allow you to build the DeFi component of your Ethereum projects without any developmental risks.

The coolest part? No Solidity skills are required!



Covenant Farms can be customized to reward farmers for pooling any token on any of the best AMMs, and can be hosted by any Organization, DAO, wallet or custom smart contract. And because they are built with Factory contracts, farmers don’t have to worry about getting rugged by any bugs or bad code.

Yield securely with Covenants.



Routines can be used to automate a project’s financial operations, such as token inflation or treasury management.

Set up a routine to pay your employees monthly, or to periodically purchase your favorite tokens on AMMs. Any operation that involves periodic token mints, transfers, swaps or burns can be automated with Routines.

Build Covenants Contracts

Covenant Factories, such as the Farming and Routine Factories, allow teams to clone and customize model contracts with immutable cores. Developers and users don’t have to rely on any assumptions about their fundamental security and developers can extend their logic to unlock any use case they can imagine.

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