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Items Presents

Overpowered Tokens

Items are perfectly interoperable tokens on Ethereum.


Capable of acting as both ERC20s and ERC1155s, they can do everything any other tokens can and are natively supported by all applications. They can also do things no other tokens can. Items in different Collections can be batched together in single transactions, and all can have dynamic on-chain metadata. 


These are just some of the magical innovations in their repertoire.

Wrap NFTs and ERC20s into Items

All ERC20s, ERC721s, ERC1155s and ETH can be wrapped as Items and thereby acquire almost all of the capabilities of the Item standard.

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Wrap NFTs into a Deck

Wrap NFTs from any Collection into a Deck, a fungible supply of Items. Decks allow NFT communities to access the DeFi and Governance worlds directly for the first time. And if you love your NFTs, don’t stress—thanks to Reservations, no one but you can unwrap them for ten days.

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Build Native Items

Cloned from the Items Factory, Native Items possess all capabilities of the Item standard, including the ability for their Collections to have Extensions. This allows their logic to be customized, even to the point that you can use them to build state-of-the-art applications without relying on any assumptions about their fundamental security.

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