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EthereansOS Presents

Onchain Coordination On Ethereum

The Evolution of DAOs. Welcome to the Era of Organizations.

Pioneering the Future of Onchain Economic Coordination on Ethereum.

Organizations is a platform for creating and managing decentralized entities on Ethereum, enabling transparent governance, decentralization, and coordination.

Step into the future with EthereansOS Organizations and transform the economic landscape of the crypto world. Join a groundbreaking movement where your influence, contribution, and earnings drive a decentralized economy 


True Decentralized Governance:
Power to the Members

Organizations bring authentic decentralization to life. Each decision is made transparently on-chain, and automatically executed, eliminating centralized control and fostering trust within the community.

Granular Control and Customization

Tailor every aspect of your DAO with unparalleled precision. Organizations offer modular structures, allowing you to define and adjust governance rules, roles, and operations to fit your unique needs.

The new Gig economy of Ethereum

Introduce Delegations as specialized sub-groups within your DAO. They act like independent units, driving innovation and economic growth, while aligning with the broader goals of the organization.

Seamless Integration with
Ethereum's Ecosystem

Organizations are designed to work effortlessly within the Ethereum landscape, ensuring smooth interactions with various protocols and applications, enhancing functionality and user experience.

Economic Innovation and Opportunities

Open new economic frontiers with Organizations. Whether it’s managing treasuries, handling transactions, or creating new financial models, Organizations empower DAOs with economic tools for the future.

Sub-DAOs for Targeted Governance

Implement Sub-DAOs for focused governance layers. These allow for specific, targeted decision-making processes within the larger organization, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in governance tasks.

Introducing Delegations
A Novel Economic Coordination Structure for the Ethereum Ecosystem 

We made a Gig economy on Ethereum. 

Discover the transformative power of Delegations in EthereansOS, where we're reshaping the economic landscape of the crypto world.


Acting as dynamic political parties within the ecosystem, Delegations bring a fresh dimension to organizational governance. They represent diverse community interests, attaching and detaching from Organizations at will, mirroring the agility and freedom of the gig economy.


This fluid, democratic approach ushers in a new era of economic structure, where Delegations drive innovation and growth by representing and advocating for varied initiatives. They're not just participants; they're active shapers of the organizational narrative, fostering an economic ecosystem that's as diverse and vibrant as the community itself.

With Delegations, EthereansOS is pioneering a gig economy model in crypto, where flexibility, representation, and opportunity converge. Here, economic power and influence are no longer static or centralized but flow freely, echoing the true spirit of decentralization.


Embrace Delegations and be part of this groundbreaking movement, where each individual or group has the power to influence, earn, and contribute to a thriving decentralized economy.

We're On a Mission To Make Decentralized Coordination on Ethereum Better.

Here's what makes Organizations so powerful:

  • Revolutionary Economic Coordination Structure: EthereansOS Organizations unveil an unparalleled approach to economic dynamics in the crypto world, mirroring a gig economy. It's called Delegations. This structure ensures that human incentives are harmoniously aligned with the principles of decentralization, fostering a new era of equitable and transparent economic interactions.

  • Automated On-Chain Proposal Execution:
    EthereansOS Organizations revolutionize DAO governance with automated on-chain execution of proposals, eliminating centralization concerns. This feature ensures that once a proposal is voted on and approved, it is executed directly on the blockchain, upholding the principles of democracy and transparency. This automation not only streamlines decision-making processes but also reinforces trust among members, as it removes any need for intermediary intervention, embodying the true ethos of decentralized governance.

  • Granular Governance Control: 
    Organizations offer unmatched control through Root and Governance Layers, each customizable with essential Components like the Proposal Manager, enabling precise decision-making tailored to DAO needs.

  • Modular and Flexible Structure:
    Tailor your DAO's functionality with optional modules such as the Treasury Manager for asset management, State Manager for information storage, and Delegations Manager to integrate distinct sub-groups.

  • Streamlined Proposal Management:
    The mandatory Proposal Manager Component ensures streamlined creation, voting, and execution of proposals, centralizing governance processes while maintaining decentralized ethos.

  • Comprehensive Treasury Management:
    Manage and secure your DAO’s assets with the Treasury Manager and Investments Manager, offering robust options for receiving, storing, and transacting Ethereum and tokens.

  • Efficient Resource Distribution:
    Utilize the Treasury Splitter Manager for routine and automated splitting of funds across different components of the Organization, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

  • Expandable Governance with Sub-DAOs:
    Build layered governance systems with Sub-DAOs, each operating with their own set of Components, allowing for specialized governance zones within the larger DAO structure.

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