The Evolution of DAOs. Welcome to the Era of Organizations.

Features of Organizations:

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True Decentralized Governance: Power to the Members

Organizations bring authentic decentralization to life. Each decision is made transparently on-chain, and automatically executed, eliminating centralized control and fostering trust within the community.

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Available to everyone

A few clicks and your very own DAO is up and running on Ethereum. You can bring any existing token or launch a new token to govern it. Provide holders the power to govern the DAO trustlessly, from day one.

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Through a fair inflation mechanism, Organizations can fund themselves without any additional code. This gives new businesses and communities the ability to kick start their economic engine without seed investment.

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On EthereansOS, votes execute code. Token holders’ votes carry real impact – no more CEOs or multi-sig holders disregarding vote outcomes - trustless executions are finally here.

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Modular and Stackable

Create endless subDAOS and attach/detach them as needed - no need to try and fit everything under one roof. There’s a place in your organization's hyperstructure for everyone!

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 Funds flow within an Organization automatically. Smart contracts incentivize transactions to trigger at the desired time, eliminating the need to manually execute token transfers.

Organization’s Secret Weapon: Delegations

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Introducing Delegations: A novel economic coordination structure to power your Organization's goals and objectives.

Delegations revolutionize how contributions and influence are wielded in the Ethereum ecosystem. Acting as dynamic political parties within the ecosystem, Delegations bring a new dimension to organizational governance. They can represent diverse community interests, expertise, and influence, attaching to Organizations at will, mirroring the agility and freedom of the gig economy.

Think of it as the Gig Economy for DAOs!

Delegations embody a gig economy within DAOs, allowing members to contribute on a project-by-project basis. Done contributing or funding has ran out? Detach your delegation and move on to the next project, taking your Onchain history with you. Or attach and provide services to multiple organizations at once. Delegations in EthereansOS redefine participation and governance in DAOs. This system empowers direct involvement in and active shaping of Organizational decision-making and power shaping dynamics by passing DAO revenue to Delegations, distributed through proportional token holder staking

Did you know that EthereansOS itself is an Organization?

We like our tools so much, we used them ourselves. The project itself lives on-chain with many automated features to explore. $OS token holders can vote on and govern many aspects of the project, such as inflation, the investment fund and protocol fees. The project is truly in the holders’ hands.

Discover the rest of the Ethereans Operating System

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Launch Factory

Launch Factory slings your token onto Ethereum faster than you can say "moon." Got a web browser? You're all set.  Anyone can drop the next utility, governance, or meme bomb on the crypto world - no crypto PhD. needed.

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Unleash the full potential of your NFTs and tokens beyond ERC404 - offering a truly alive and evolving asset experience. ITEMS are built on dynamic metadata integration, transforming web3 gaming and bridging real-world data with the blockchain.

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From farming to financial routines - Covenants is designed for an intuitive, no-code approach, empowering you to craft customized DeFi solutions. Automate recurring transfers, swaps, mints and more with secure routines that can be executed with a single click.

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OS Token

Govern, influence, and profit from a network thriving on unique economic models and diverse revenue streams. $OS Token grants you a stake in an ever-evolving ecosystem where each new project enhances its value. 

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