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🚀 Launch Tokens and NFTs
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🚀 Launch Tokens and NFTs

The No-Code Operating System for Any Ethereum Builder

No code, no complexity – create your new Ethereum ecosystem in just a few clicks!

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Unlock Ethereum's Full Power with EthereansOS

Say Goodbye To Waiting For Developers – Now, The Power Is In Your Hands

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No Coding Knowledge Needed!

Focus on your community and stop reinventing the wheel - launch Ethereum’s most powerful features with only a few clicks.

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Build an Entire Ethereum Economy

Launch your Token, NFT, DAO, or DeFi app with fully on-chain and trustless systems.

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All Your Bases Are Covered By Us

Launch your project, govern effectively, and prosper - EthereansOS will take care of the rest.

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Say Goodbye To Rugs

EthereansOS is 100% on-chain and verifiable - so you’re free to build and iterate safely.

EthereansOS empowers you to govern, innovate, and deploy on Ethereum effortlessly—no developers needed, the power is in your hands.

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Unlocking Infinite Ethereum Use-Case Possibilities

Build an entire ecosystem - Explore EthereansOS easy to deploy use cases.

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Launch Factory

Launch Factory slings your token onto Ethereum faster than you can say "moon." Got a web browser? You're all set.  Anyone can drop the next utility, governance, or meme bomb on the crypto world - no crypto PhD. needed.

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DAOs made simple -  EthereansOS Organizations provides a platform for creating and managing decentralized entities on Ethereum - from businesses, to communities, to gaming guilds. 

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Unleash the full potential of your NFTs and tokens beyond ERC404 - offering a truly alive and evolving asset experience. ITEMS are built on dynamic metadata integration, transforming web3 gaming and bridging real-world data with the blockchain.

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DeFi Tools

From farming to financial routines - Covenants is designed for an intuitive, no-code approach, empowering you to craft customized DeFi solutions. Automate recurring transfers, swaps, mints and more with secure routines that can be executed with a single click.

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$OS Token

Govern, influence, and profit from a network thriving on unique economic models and diverse revenue streams. $OS Token grants you a stake in an ever-evolving ecosystem where each new project enhances its value. 

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Decentralization Manifesto:

The Unstoppable EthereansOS Protocol

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Our Commitment to Decentralization

EthereansOS is more than an ecosystem or protocol; it's our love letter to decentralization. We believe in a world where power is distributed, where every individual has a voice, and where the collective drives innovation. Our tools and platforms are crafted not just to participate in this decentralized world but to actively shape it. As long as Ethereum thrives, so too will EthereansOS, unceasing and unstoppable – a true testament to the enduring spirit of decentralized technology.

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Community-Driven Evolution

While Ethereans Labs continues to innovate, introducing new versions of factories, our respect for the protocol's integrity remains unwavering. We cannot, and will not, modify any contracts post-deployment, nor restrict the community's freedom to create. Our role is to propose technical updates via Operating System Update Proposals (OS-UP), but the ultimate decision-making power rests with the $OS holders. It is their voice that guides the evolution of EthereansOS Protocol.

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Statement of Decentralization

At the core of our vision lies EthereansOS Protocol – an embodiment of decentralization, not merely in words but in its very existence. As a 100% decentralized and self-sustaining entity, EthereansOS Protocol operates independently of Ethereans Labs, ensuring an untampered and unbiased ecosystem.

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Immutable Foundation

From its inception on Ethereum block number 13715143, the protocol has stood as an unalterable onchain organism. No entity, not even Ethereans Labs, can arbitrarily manipulate or alter the decentralized functions embedded in our smart contracts. This immutability guarantees that the protocol remains true to its decentralized roots.

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