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April 26, 2024

Paving the Future: Ethereans Labs Strategic Blueprint Unveiled For EthereansOS

Discover how EthereansOS DAO is enhancing community governance, overhauling its delegations system for fairness, testing new deployments on BASE L2, and paving the way for future innovations with a strategic rebrand and advanced technological updates.

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Paving the Future: Ethereans Labs Strategic Blueprint Unveiled For EthereansOS


Welcome to a pivotal moment in the evolution of the EthereansOS DAO. As we step into this new phase, we're not just making incremental changes; we are fundamentally transforming how we engage with our community and secure our ecosystem. This article is your guide to the significant updates that are set to redefine the structural and operational landscape of our DAO. From empowering community governance through the integration of the Treasury Manager into the SubDAO, overhauling our delegations system to close critical loopholes, to introducing a temporary guardian to oversee this transition—each initiative is crafted to enhance fairness and sustainability.

We will also explore the crucial rebranding efforts that clarify the role and of the EthereansOS DAO as distinct from the Ethereans Protocol. Join us as we delve into these transformative changes and detail how they will impact our community and the broader ecosystem.

A Game-Changing Move in Governance: Empowering the Community through the SubDAO

We are decentralizing authority by integrating the Treasury Manager into the SubDAO, making community voting central to decision-making. This strategic move is designed to place decision-making power directly into the hands of our community members, allowing them to vote on key proposals and initiatives. The integration of the Treasury Manager is not merely a procedural change but a fundamental shift towards a more inclusive and participatory governance model. Enhanced by a robust 50% anti-rug system, this new setup provides an added layer of security, ensuring that the community's assets are protected against sudden and unapproved withdrawals. Over the next year, this integration will mature, solidifying a governance framework that is both resilient and responsive to the needs of its members.

Revamping the Delegations System for Equity and Longevity

Our current delegations manager has revealed a flaw—a loophole that essentially acts as a black hole for fairness within our ecosystem. Let’s paint a picture of what could happen during a treasury split: influential players, leveraging their substantial token holdings, swoop in at the eleventh hour to stake massive amounts of $OS tokens. This last-minute maneuver allows them to walk away with a disproportionate share of the treasury's distribution, having not demonstrably proven any value to the EthereansOS DAO. The ability for this to be carried out is problematic for many reasons, including skewing the reward and undermining the intent of the delegations split.

This scenario isn't just hypothetical— a somewhat similar scenario occurred in our last split, highlighting the need for systemic change. To address this, we are initiating a significant overhaul with the introduction of a new delegations manager. This revamped system is designed to champion ongoing contribution rather than rewarding last-minute financial power plays. By calculating rewards based on the duration and consistency of stakeholders' contributions, we ensure that our system fairly compensates those who are genuinely invested in the health and longevity of our community.

This shift is critical for fostering a more sustainable and equitable environment, encouraging long-term support and preventing the kinds of strategic gaming that can undermine collective trust and participation. The new delegations manager will not only close this exploitative loophole but also reinforce the foundation of our community governance, ensuring that EthereansOS DAO remains a robust and fair platform for all users.

Introducing a Temporary Guardian: The Interim Delegations Manager

To ensure a fair transition, a temporary delegations manager will oversee the grant, maintaining it without distribution for one year. This interim manager will act as a guardian of the community's resources, ensuring that the grant pool is preserved during the transition period. By freezing distributions for one year, we will have the necessary time to develop and implement a more robust and fair system. This proactive measure prevents potential exploitation and ensures that the transition is smooth and well-managed, setting the stage for the successful rollout of the new delegations manager.

Why This Matters for You: Community Benefits

The shift to a more equitable delegations system is designed to benefit every member of our community. By aligning reward mechanisms with long-term value creation, we ensure that contributions are recognized and rewarded appropriately. This fosters a healthier, more vibrant community ecosystem where incentives are aligned with the collective good. Members can expect a more stable and predictable rewards structure, which in turn encourages more significant and sustained engagement with the DAO. This reform is not just about fixing a flaw; it's about reinforcing the foundation of our community governance and ensuring that EthereansOS DAO remains a leader in decentralized community-driven innovation.

Soft Rebranding: Clarifying Our Identity for a New Era

As we continue to evolve, it becomes essential to clearly define the distinct roles of our technology stack and our governance model. The rebranding from EthereansOS to Ethereans Protocol for our software stack is a strategic move to eliminate confusion and enhance clarity. 

This new identity better reflects our mission to provide a robust and transparent decentralized platform. It also allows EthereansOS to step into the identity light as the DAO that controls Ethereans Protocol. The EthereansOS DAO serves as the operative system of the Ethereans protocol, ruling all the Factory of Factories variables for the protocol. As we move towards adoption of the protocol, it’s essential that the difference between the protocol and the DAO are crystal clear. 

This soft rebrand and clarification underscores our commitment to innovation and community-centric development, ensuring that both new users and long-standing community members understand and engage with our ecosystem more effectively.

Expanding Horizons: Testing Deployment on Base Network!

We are thrilled to announce that the Ethereans Protocol is currently in the testing phase of deployment on Base L2 network! This move is part of our strategic initiative to align the Ethereans Protocols with the leading-edge platforms where user engagement and interaction are rapidly growing. Base has demonstrated robust user engagement and strong performance, making it an ideal choice for the protocol to integrate. 

This significant step marks a work-in-progress endeavor as we optimize and refine our deployment strategies. While still at a testing stage, we are excited to share that the initial release is already operational within the dapp, showing promising results. This transition not only signifies our commitment to enhancing performance and scalability but also ensures that our tools are positioned in an environment where they can achieve maximum impact.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress towards a full release—more details will be shared as we continue to achieve milestones in this exciting development phase.

Technological Tune-up: Enhancing Our Platform's Capabilities

The introduction of the new Organization Factory marks a significant technological advancement for EthereansOS DAO. This upgrade will easily enable users to create specialized components, or “plug-ins” that can enhance the functionality and flexibility of the Organizations platform, giving rise to the possibility of endless functionality improvements.

It should be noted that supporting these third-party components from a UI/UX front-end perspective in the Ethereans Protocol is not practical due to the potentially endless variety of components. However, the underlying contract functionality is robust, allowing third parties to integrate these components into their own front ends as needed.

Additionally, as part of enhancing the robustness of the DAO and our organizational structure, we are implementing a burn mechanism where a certain number of $OS tokens will be required to be burned in order to create a new organization. The precise number of OS tokens to be burned will be determined and included in the upcoming proposal, ensuring transparency and community involvement in finalizing this crucial aspect.

In Tribute: Farewell to Jpn

As we embrace these exciting changes, we must also say goodbye to Jpn, whose narrative flair and technical acumen have significantly shaped our journey over the last two years. After making substantial contributions to our new dapp, Jpn is stepping down to focus on his family and other new challenges.

We are immensely grateful for his dedication and the impact he has had for the team! 


We invite you to engage with these updates and participate in shaping the future of EthereansOS DAO. Your involvement is essential as we continue to innovate and improve our operations.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being an integral part of our journey!

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