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March 14, 2024

Continuing EthereansOS

Less than three months ago, we announced that the protocol would be rebranding one last time.

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EthereansOS offers a secure, no-code operating system designed to simplify on-chain building and coordination for all Ethereum users, regardless of their technical expertise.

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Less than three months ago, we announced that the protocol would be rebranding one last time. The decision was made to reclaim the EthereansOS name to realize the promise that was set out when it was first created: Producing the most comprehensive, advanced tools for buidling on Ethereum. We spent that time finding a brand image, developing the front end for Organizations, writing grants, revamping our socials, and striking agreements for future work on a new website and dapp. Today, that first step has been taken, and we invite you all to join us on the next step of this journey.

Numerous tasks were tackled to make this progress. The token metadata was updated with the name ‘Ethereans’ and symbol ‘OS’ before the metadata host was released, cementing the name and symbol forever. A new logo was crafted that reflected the governance and technology stack aspect of the protocol. Socials across YouTube, Twitter, Medium, Discord, and Telegram were either overhauled or newly created. All the while, Vasa has been diligently working to release ‘The Button’, bringing an interface to Organization creation. While the simple aspects of branding may be finalized, we have something to say, in the words of Frieza:

We spent these last few months laying a foundation for what is to come. A new version of the website is underway to clearly lay out what is capable with EthereansOS. A new version of the dapp is being created to improve the experience of interacting with the contracts using modern web3 tooling. Product language and messaging is being refined to communicate the unique aspects of the protocol to users and protocols alike. Grants are being applied for from Arbitrum and Optimism to bring real DAO governance to Ethereum L2’s. These are just the immediate goals as well, longer term initiatives are starting to be spun up as well.

Today, we embark on a renewed chapter of the EthereansOS journey. While the path ahead may be uncertain and the number of milestones unknown, our collective belief in this project’s potential to revolutionize participation and building on Ethereum, remains unwavering. We’ve weathered the storms before, and with your continued passion and support, we’re eager to explore all of the opportunities and horizons that lie ahead. It’s time to venture into the tall grass and see what awaits…

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