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March 14, 2024

EthereansOS Rolls Out Innovative Organizational Tools on Optimism

Our latest update at EthereansOS has introduced a significant breakthrough that is set to redefine the landscape of DAOs.

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Our latest update at EthereansOS has introduced a significant breakthrough that is set to redefine the landscape of DAOs. It is now possible to create and manage both Organizations and Delegations on Optimism using the front end dapp. This advancement brings the advantages of modular governance and economically incentivized DAO participation to a much broader audience through the low-fee environment of Optimism. Through our testing, we found that Organizations and Delegations could be launched on Optimism for around only $1 in gas fees. Let’s dive in!

A Paradigm Shift in DAO Operations

This update to dapp functionality makes it finally possible for anyone to interact with Organizations and Delegations on Optimism where deployment and management costs a fraction of what it does on Ethereum. We have already seen the power of these tools through the EthereansOS Organization on Ethereum, where hundreds of thousands of dollars have been collectively governed by $OS holders with some going to delegations leading initiatives. While successful, the cost of interacting with the system has limited its reach. Today, that barrier comes down as we finally roll out an intuitive way to interact with these tools on Optimism.

Organizations and Delegations: The Building Blocks of Modern DAOs

Delegations and Organizations work together to achieve a common goal.

  1. Modular Organizations: These Organizations represent a new phase in DAO evolution, offering unprecedented flexibility and customization. This modularity enables DAOs to evolve and adapt organically, fitting the unique contours of each community or project.
  2. Delegations as Economic Engines: Delegations work alongside Organizations to further their goals. They facilitate a more nuanced and effective approach to funding and resource allocation within DAOs. This synergy between Organizations and Delegations lays the groundwork for novel economic models within the DAO ecosystem.

Empowering Grassroots and Gig Workers through DAO Participation

One of the most exciting prospects of this update is the empowerment of many smaller groups that were priced out to using these coordination tools before. With these new tools:

  • Grassroots Movements can leverage DAOs to coordinate efforts, pool resources, and make collective decisions more effectively, enhancing their impact and reach. These movements tend to have less starting capital, so reducing deployment and operating costs finally opens them up to using these powerful tools.
  • Gig Workers stand to benefit from participating in DAOs, as they can now engage in flexible, decentralized work structures by establishing Delegations. Prominent freelancers can attach to multiple Organizations who can leverage their talent to grow and carry out DAO activities.
  • Gaming Guilds can now come together and manage collective assets. The cost reduction means these tools are not prohibitively expensive for small collectives of just a few individuals anymore. So any raid party, team, or event can leverage this model without emptying their vault.
  • Events can now spin up Organizations and attract talent that have Delegations to promote, organize, and lead aspects of the event in a democratic way. Organizations are not limited to permeant entities, they can now also serve temporary needs for collective decision making and funding.

Communities can now be quickly formed and organized around basically any idea. Whether they share a passion for an artist, science experiment, or dog breed, they now have the opportunity to organize onchain for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

The Future Outlook: Diverse Applications and Inclusivity

The current beta phase of the front end is a crucial period for testing and refining these tools. As EthereansOS prepares for the full launch of its new dapp, the anticipation grows around the potential applications of these Organizations and Delegations. All Organizations and Delegations created will be picked up in the updated dapp, so you can begin coordinating now! From small community projects to large-scale collaborative efforts, the possibilities are vast and varied.


EthereansOS’s latest update is not just a technical enhancement; it represents a fundamental shift in how DAOs can operate and who can benefit from them. By introducing modular Organizations and economic-focused Delegations, this update paves the way for a more inclusive, dynamic, and impactful era of decentralized governance. It holds the promise of empowering diverse groups, from grassroots movements to individual gig workers, ensuring that the benefits of DAO participation are accessible to a wider audience. As we witness the unfolding of this new chapter, the future of decentralized collaboration and governance appears more promising and inclusive than ever.

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